High Host Atticus Range

My third Dran Shukkan character, Atticus Range is a High Host of the Shukkana religion. This religion teaches that life is a gala event given by the Great Benefactor. Believers have the solumn duty of enjoying themselves at the party. This means that most Dran Shukkan are self indulgent egoists with absolutely no morals. They can often be found filling out the ranks of the galactic underworld.

Hosts are the religious leaders. It is their duty to make sure all of their guests (followers) are enjoying themselves in life.

When Arakand Bast fell under Black Sun's cross-hairs, he went to his oldest mentor, the High Host Atticus Range, for help getting back on the true Shukkanna path. Range helped Bast recharge his spirits and arranged a position for him with Sloane.