Some Introductions!

Woohoo, I'm finally a guild member here! When I found the site a couple of years ago I was nowhere near good enough to join up. I'm still not amazing, but I'm getting there at last and I'm really glad to be here. The community looks great!

Star Wars was my first foray into statted roleplaying games, but I've loved the galaxy far far away since I was first introduced to it - Episode IV was the first film that I was genuinely excited by in the cinema. I mostly know the films and a little bit of expanded universe stuff either side of them, but I am also playing through KotOR (very slowly, since my computer won't run it and I have to borrow my SO's) and that's my current area of interest.

As for roleplaying, I've played the revised d20 rules and have had a couple of sessions of Saga edition which looks pretty solid, but me and my roleplaying gang are currently enjoying a freeform game in particular. You'll probably be seeing a lot of the characters from it in my pictures, so I feel I should introduce them. They're Jedi in a slightly AU post-KotOR era where the Order was almost completely destroyed, resulting in the characters all being recruited as adults. More or less.

My character is Jesse who was a mechanic before being picked up by the Jedi at the age of sixteen, and is now twenty two. He is very Force receptive, a fact which caused problems before he knew it since experiencing the emotions of everyone around you will severely screw up most adolescents. He is often in a state of panic, but is so used to being panicked that he can operate perfectly well in this state and avoid it affecting his actions and Force use. He is appalling at combat and hates even being present around killing, but is a talented mental manipulator. I love this little guy and could go on about him for days, but I doubt anyone but me cares too terribly much.

Also on the team is Wolf, a former bounty hunter with a shady past. He's a master swordsman, having favoured a vibroblade before joining the Order and adapted perfectly to the lightsaber. He's the oldest by quite some way and has taken on something of a gruff, harsh mentor role, especially towards Jesse.

Tuunac is the team's pilot and is a trianii. He is very much a cat, in a manner not entirely unlike the Cat from Red Dwarf (is that reference too obscure?), and is one cool customer. His Force speciality is precog and leaping around in a cat-like manner, clinging impossibly to the side of things. He is very difficult to move when he is sleeping.

Min-Min is a spy who has been promoted from NPC to PC status when our game became a coop one and our DM became a fellow player. She's a bothan with incredibly good mental shields, and that is all the rest of us know about her at the moment.

Rounding off our dysfunctional little collection is Zylar, another former NPC who was mind-tricked into joining our side briefly and decided to stay. He is a former Sith and is the youngest member of the team at the age of eighteen. He is currently very confused about exactly what he should be doing with his life.

That's it, at least for our primary timeline. You'll see Jesse and Wolf's padawans around here, as well as the two of them at the sort of age where it's appropriate to have padawans, and various others besides, but since this post is a bit of a mammoth one already I'll say more about them as they appear.

And finally, to make this blog a little more appropriate to the sketchbook category, I've added a sketch. It's the lineart (with scribbles) of the team picture that is used as a banner on the roleplay forum and will be uploaded here shortly, with any luck!

So yes. Hello all! I'm glad to be here!



Welcome to the swag freighter! Hope you enjoy your stay!

*By the way, some of us have never left the SWAG Freighter. It's a little too comfortable...