Bounty Hunter In-Progress


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Update Update: So I know that the site is having some trouble (or was) and I wanted Slime to get a look at the final art, so I'm posting here even though I know that the art will eventually be up on the main page.

I hope you are happy with it. I definitely am.


Update: Pretty much finished with the pencils, just a little more clean-up and I can move on to colors.

Thanks for your patience, Slime. Work has been crazy busy and time to draw has been at a premium.

Hi all,

Picked up my first request in a while and just thought I'd post the work as it progresses.

This is a bounty hunter for Slime 165. I'm still waiting to hear back on a few details from the requester, but I'm having a good time with it.

Looking at it on-screen now, I'm definitely seeing some things that need tweaking (like his legs being a tad short...). As they say in the movies, I'll fix it in post!




Heya Boshuda,

The figure is old-fashioned pencil work, while the double-blade and blaster were done in Illustrator and layered into the scan in Photoshop.



I always kinda figured you were doing Illustrator lines, all these years.

And the name is Asok. Asok Yeesrim. Or something like that.



I'm jealous of all you folk who can achieve such wonderful, clear, solid digital lines.

ALL you folk!


Hi Asok and Tusserk,

I took a quick look through my gallery and realized that the only occasions during which I have used Illustrator was for the weapon-only illustrations, and the bounty hunter above. Everything else was hand-drawn in pencil and then darkened and cleaned up in Photoshop or hand-inked and then cleaned up in Photoshop. I don't really ink much anymore (it was never one of my strengths), so now I just try to get REALLY clean pencils and then funnel all of my clean-up and color work in Photoshop.

I hope that is as clear as it sounded in my head ;)




Thanks Alot Monkeyman! This is realy awesome. It loooks, so cool. I admire your atention to detail on the weapons.


No problem, Slime. Again, it was a lot of fun to work on. I'm sorry I didn't get the chipped horn in, but I think it might have been hard to notice anyway. And I always love working on weapons.