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New Request from Kalenath:

"Zinoa is fairly young for a Trandoshan, only 22 years old. She has been a bounty hunter since she was thirteen and was thrown out of her home by her mother. But then, she wound up facing my main character Will Kalenath and getting the crap knocked out of her. Through a series of unfortunate events, she wound up clanless and serving on the Stormhawk, with her 'uncle' L'Trask, the medical officer aboard. She had issues and found that she could deal with them by singing.

Think Celine Dion as a light green scaled female Trandoshan and that is what I had in mind. Maybe have her in concert?

She is not very big, most Trandoshans tower over her. But size really doesn't matter when your heart is as big as Zinoa's turned out to be. Oh and one eye will be a slightly different color, as Will put it out when he beat her the second time. It regenerated."



I'm really looking forward to seeing this one completed!

I love the simple fun and relative absurdity offered by characters who feel the need to express themselves via song; friend of mine was looking for a fun character to play once and I suggested a Togorian that likes to croon out Elvis songs, but he didn't see the humor in it.

I was using a Blues Brothers-inspired Farghul in a more recent campaign until the GM nixed the character in favor of running a more serious military-style campaign.

Links removed because the spam filter apparently doesn't like me, but I shall have vengeance. And maybe beer. Beer and vengeance.


Cool so far, Mercy. I am really looking forward to seeing her. She was a welcome break from all of my 'gloom and doom' bunch. She has issues, and finds her perfect outlet in song.:D


Cheers guys!

I love the idea of the Blues Brothers Farghul - that would be so funky!
Okay, will post more of her soon...


I'm baaacck!

Mercy, I was so sad when I started working stupid hours because I could never come and check your work out without falling asleep at my desk. I am sooo happy you're still here throwing down some amazing work.

Trandoshans are one of my all time favourite species and I can tell this is going to be one of my fave pieces you've done.

Sorry to say that I was in NZ last month and totally forgot that you lived there. *facepalm
Would of been nice to meet the artist behind the art.

Hope all is amazingly well with you.


OMG - Purcell I'm apalled we didn't get to catch up!!

So where did you go? How long were you over??


I volunteered with the British Salvation Army to go and work in some of the releif stations in and around Christchurch. We stayed for 20 days helping people who had become homeless. Cooked food for them and stuff like that.


Wow, that is really awesome!
Good on ya, man!!

Well, it would have been a bit hard do get them to swing by Wellington on the way home, I'm sure. You are forgiven - we'll do coffee next time ;o)


As always I LIKE IT!

I was sort of surprised when Zinoa became a recurring character. Most of my supporting characters stay for a thread and then vanish. I like her. Of course I sing a lot too, so I guess it is to be expected.

Lord Crumb

"SING IT! Sing it with feeling", and then the judge says, "You're going to Coruscant."

Kia kaha


Ha ha! Cheers guys!!

Totally know what you mean, Kalenath - it's funny how sometimes an incidental character becomes real interesting, hey? The trick is to run with it when it happens, I think!

Okie-dokie - will load her to Gallery, k?

PS - lol LC! "Trandosia's got talent"!!