Tusserk's death... (by Mercy)


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Ohmygodohmygod - HAD to give this a go!!

Beautifully written scene HERE. Will attach when finished piece goes to gallery...
~ Mercy




Oh man, my head. MY HEEEAAAD! That is so great, in the most awful kind of way. AH. Kieran! You poor bugger!! I love the perspective you've picked to show it, Mercy!! And do feel free to throw in my bit of writing. :D Oh maaaaaaaaaan.

The one little correction I'll jump in and point out here though- Tuss's hand only has three digits! Two fingers and a thumb. (Believe it or not, even I forget this at times, haha. I'll have a totally awesome hand drawn for him, and then stop and realise I've got to erase a couple of fingers!!) Not that I even really especially care about things like that in pieces other people do-- but hey, I guess that's half the purpose of a work-in-progress blog, yeah?

Oh man. I am so excited to watch you bring this to... 'life'. XD MY HEAD.


Yay!! Glad you like hun - I'll definitely have a go at altering that hand (can't be too hard to do!)

Awesome! Will update soon...
~ Mercy


Anyone else reminded of Highlander and the Queen song "Don't Lose Your Head?"

There can be only one!

Links removed because the spam filter apparently doesn't like me, but I shall have vengeance. And maybe beer. Beer and vengeance.


*SOB* ...oh man, it wrenches my little heart to look at!!! XD Ahahahaaaaa. I can't get over it!! Is Kieran going to get some stubble? Some lovely rugged manly stubble?

(Yes, yes, the 'head' jokes still keep coming, every session. XD 'Don't lose your head, Tusserk!' 'Don't you want to get ahead in life, Tusserk?' 'Keep your head, buddy, keep your head...!')


Ma ha ha!! Love it!

yeah, I can have a go at stubble... Why not!?!
Mmm, stubbly manly goodness...


Yeeeee-aaaahh!! Mwahahaaaa. :D I love the stubble, I do. Man, feel free to go nuts making him look... well, wretched, basically. XD Stains on his shirt, real dark under the eyes, whatever you want to do! Loving the gaunt look to his face and hair-going-everywhere- and now I'm not sure if I ever mentioned? But his hair is black (which could well be what you are working towards?), but yeah, my bad if I neglected to say so earlier. XD



OH MAN I feel like a pesky little nit-picker now! XD But also also also, any chance you could throw a little of the copper into the hilt of Kieran's saber, too?

(Endless love for this, by the way. ENDLESS.)


Sweet! Actually that was what I was gonna ask about - the colouring of his hair in particular. Oh, and his eyes? Can definitely put some copper in his saber and work on making look a bit more haggard. Having so much fun!!!


Oh yeeeeaaaahhhh! Mercy that is PERFECT!! AH.

I don't think we ever actually established his eye colour, so, yeah, I'm more than happy with the green you've got going there! Oh man oh man!!


Yay yay yay!!!

Okay, any changes to make??
Quite happy to make alterations! Otherwise, this is done?


Umm... Is blood even permitted to be shown on swag? ;)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

If your going to complement me, don't tell me my work is neat, cool or awesome. If you really like it, tell me why you like it and what you like about it. Only then I'll take it as a complement.


It has been in the past... I know the rating system is weird pretty much everywhere - the naked human form is not okay, the act of making love is not okay, but violence and death is!

However, the 'PG' rating we aim for on SWAG is more of a guide than a hard-and-fast rule. So if a picture is considered too 'adult' I'm happy to pull it.
I'd rather keep the peace than keep the piece! ;o)


Yeah, I wondered about that a little myself! Heh. But I know I've seen dead bodies here, and I'm preeeetty sure I've seen some bloody dismemberment around the archives as well.... heh heh heh. :D But even if this is decided a little too much for SWAG, I will still love it and hug it and--

(That is to say, so much thanks, Mercy! XD Don't need to change a THING!)