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Trisskar mentioned to me, some time ago now, that she would love to see her character, Triss, in a dress. She's such a tom-boy, and I've done so many pictures of her as such, that I got quite excited by the idea! So it's finally transpired that the scene has been written and Triss has, indeed, ended up in a big swanky dress.

This is about my fourth attempt at sketching the picture and I'm still not really that happy with it. I had tried to keep Triss' trademark red ribbons but I don't know it's worked that well. So I may change the whole thing in Paintshop...

~ Mercy



hehe Nice!!! I agree though there's something missing. Though I couldn't say what....I'll poke Setie over this was her character that made this happen after all :-D


I think It's her expression. Triss doesn't strike me as one who would be comfortable in a dress at all. So perhaps a bit more.. annoyance in her face.


True...though the scene this particular peace is drawn for is when she FIRST noticed she was in a dress...which was more surprise and then anger...:-p


“...your garments are being washed and mended at the moment miss, though I was instructed to advice you to consider purchasing something new, they were rather tattered...” the droid rambled on, Triss was only half listening to it's annoying banter when she suddenly stopped herself and re-played the droids words over again. Her Garments? Raising head from hands she looked down at herself and suddenly leaped up onto her feet

“Oh My!” The Droid exclaimed at her sudden motion. Triss's hand instantly darting out to clamp onto the droids shoulder as she about crumpled to the ground. Her legs still very unsteady from the exertion she had put herself through. Gritting her teeth Triss searched for a mirror through squinted eyes so that she could look at herself fully.

The young sith apprentice who had never worn anything 'girly' before in her life, was now adorned in an elaborate, dark red gown. The design of it was rather simple really, accenting every curve and showing off all the tasteful things men found in women, making Triss' cheeks turn red as she surveyed herself in the mirror. Vulnerable, exposed, and self consciousness flared through her as she remained stunned for several moments before she scowled and turned onto the droid furiously

“Who ordered this!?!” She hissed venomously

The droid tilted it's head, not understanding the reason for her sudden outburst but decided it best to simply answer “Why... Lord General Darmuk picked the gown out personally M'lady”


Yeah, that was the bit I was working with too.
I was trying for shock on her face - I guess I didn't get it right.

Anyway. I'll load up a version with the base colours done.
If it really isn't what you want I suspect I will need to start again from scratch.


Maybe have her hand around the droids neck, and a bit of a surprise, but I"m going to kill you look to her.. LOL


What Xan said sounds about right. I remember Triss being scared and ticked off all at once. xD


Eeeh she never did go grabbing throats :-p the posture is good and it does look like she's surprised. With the color up I think it looks great! I say follow your instincts mercy ^_^ Your doing great!

About the only other advice I can toss out is to either try putting a simple red gem necklace around her neck (Or collar/Choker :-p ) see if that balance's things out some. Or attempt a different scene? Perhaps when Sadik found her in the hallway? dunno....It looks good otherwise ^_^


I think it's a great start to a great pic, with a great character, and an awesome droid!

Maybe, a more self-conscious, like a scared look that everyone will tease her, or like embarrassed. And then she gets grumpy that she has to wear it in the first place..
Just thoughts, If you don't like my idea Triss, dont worry.



To me, the surprised/alarmed expression seems pretty plainly evident- but what's unclear (without the context of the story, anyway!) is what she's actually alarmed AT. I'm not sure if it would work, or how easy it would be to do at this stage in your process-- but how do you think it might look if you shifted her gaze downwards, so that she's looking directly at her figure all wrapped up purdy in that lovely red gown?

(Also, I personally love that ribbon worked into her hair. It's beautiful!)


Cheers guys, I don't know how much of this I can work with given that it's most important I stick within the bounds of the story (eg. dress is definitely dark red - sorry Roz!), but it's nice that it's generated so much interest!
I think I will have a go at dropping in some jewellery - and the choker is a great idea.
I am working on a different version of the dress at present and will post something as soon as I have it done - may take a little time though.

This picture is definitely a challenge! I'm kind-of interested to see where it ends up...

I. J. Thompson


Yup... that's all I got.

No, wait. I love the ribbons. :)


hehe I love Collars...chokers... Reminds me of Phedrea in Kushiels dart by Jaquline Carry. Her little choker collar with a gem hanging from it to rest at the base of her throat lead by a long leash (if you've read the story that is) :-p Its kind of How I Imagine Triss in the dress. An act of Dominance on Darmuks part. Him saying 'I own you now' and naturally....Triss does not like that :-p


Well, I will load up the new one and you let me know if it's going in the right direction...


haha! Actually she doesn't have the mark in this part of the story...she gets it afterwords in "Pandoras Box" ( )our current story ATM. Which is a shame coz it's a NICE Touch in this picture!

Also, the mark has a white scar that cuts through it, from Sadik cutting her there with his sword...Which reminds me!! She would have a bandage wrapped around her shoulder there....I can't BELIEVE I forgot about that!! <(0_0)>


Oh damn!
Okay, I will have another go at updating the picture - sans tattoo, plus bandage...


Yea...Perhaps they wrap a red bandage/ribbon around it so that it matches the dress? Dunno... I'm still shocked I forgot about it...after was a big part of her annoyance in Purge...stupid HK re-opened it and she had to let a Jedi of all things help stitch it back up >_<


Yay! That works! I was worried the bandage would throw things off but it looks good ^_^ Thank you so much mercy! It's funny to coz my husband was saying there should be something on her arm :-p


Have you been practicing your hands, Mercy? I've noticed you getting more creative with hand positioning recently (yeah, yeah. I notice things like that;p), and it rocks!


Ohhh this is so much better than my idea. I love the roughness at the bottom and the hole near her chest.


Hee hee! Thanks all, glad you like!
I'll load her to gallery in a tick...

Judas - thanks man, I think it's just practice, suddenly something just works, ya know? Cheers!
~ M