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A new Request from Kalenath;

"Sharlina, or Shar to her friends, is a tall and well muscled woman, about 6' 3". Its endurance muscle like a career soldier however, not heavy lifting muscle like a pro wrestler. She has red hair and brown eyes. She is a half sister to Setsuna Andal, sharing a mother. She is usually in brown Bladeborn armor, but sometimes she can be found wearing robes, either black to fit in with Sith society, brown, to mollify any Jedi she may encounter or white, which is actually her preferred color. These days, she is often wearing silver armor that she got found in a cave. Needless to say, this makes certain people VERY nervous, because that armor is part of an ancient prophecy, a bad one. But any color armor or robes will work, as she tries to blend in.not that she can very well. :)

As to her personality, Sharlina is actually kind, gentle and polite in almost all situations. She was trained as a Sith from an early age however, and her dark side is strong. When she gets angry, it is as if someone turns a switch. Her eyes turn either red or silver and her emotions suddenly turn off, as well as her inhibitions. Lots of blood and nastiness generally follow, so people step carefully around her. So if you can put a friendly smile on her face with just a small hint of darkness behind it, that would work. She is well versed in lightsaber and sword work, carrying two lightsabers with silver blades and one ornate ancient sword. In size the sword is very much like a katana (Japanese longsword). On the hilt is a symbol of a star with a sword through it."



Oh... My... god...

Yep, that is Shar...

Now get out of her way :) Nice Mercy, as always. I can't wait to see how you do this.


Thanks Kalenath! Glad I managed to capture her!
Will post a colour version soon...


((Here is a short scene with her.))

“I should have known.” The cold voice had Istara and Trugoy stop in their tracks. “Sharlina of the Bladeborn, no one else would have dared.”

Istara sighed, and here her day had been going so well too. “Underattache Goss, what a… displeasure.” Trugoy looked at her and she shrugged. “Still trying to get favors for jumping people in the queue?” Her voice was cool and conveyed disgust.

The human in the ornate suit snarled at Istara. “It is Moff Goss now. Sharlina, you should leave now. You will go no further.” A squad of soldiers in full armor approached from a side corridor. Just looking at them, they were well armed for fighting Force users, with disruptors and sonic pulsars instead of blasters.

Istara sighed. “Underattache Goss…” Goss bristled as she didn’t call him by his new title. “…you seem to have forgotten what I told you last time.”

Goss smiled evilly. “You wouldn’t dare. I am a Moff now.”

Istara continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “It was fourteen years ago, so you may have difficulty remembering. Of course, you are such a cretin I doubt you could remember your name if it wasn’t stitched to your shirt. I told you, that you would hit the floor in three pieces if you stayed in my way. Move. Now.” Her voice was almost kind again and her hand was not on her sword hilt. Trugoy didn’t move, but a small smile played across his face.

Goss snarled. “You are the one who is leaving-” He stopped talking. Having a sword slice through one’s vocal cords did that to a being. But he was already dead by then. Indeed, Istara’s first strike had cut the man’s torso in half, and her second removed his head from his shoulders. And then her sword was back in its sheath. What was terrifying was that her facial expression didn’t change in the whole time which may have been the space of about three seconds. His body hit the floor with three loud thumps that echoed through the hallways.

The approaching soldiers lowered their weapons into ready position, but Istara just sighed and shrugged. “I warned him…”

((Sound about right? XD))


Whoa... Did you do the banner in back yourself or did you find it somewhere? I LIKE IT!

Shar is very Zen much of the time, so it works. Of course, when she stops being Zen people run. Sane ones anyway.


Cheers Kalenath!
I have to admit - I didn't do the banner.
It is from a set of PS patterns called wahuu_gimei - a very cool and useful set of Japanese print patterns.

Will post more progress tomorrow!


Yep, that is so totally Shar.

Wow, Mercy, I wish I had half your talent. Or even a quarter. This is going to take pride of place on Shar's TOR Wiki page, once I get cracking on writing it of course.

You are setting one VERY high standard for people to try and reach, you know that, right? :D