Ketanna - Codru-ji Zeison Sha warrior


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Request from alicia;

"Ketanna appears to be in her late 20's. Wearing a black colored cloak with slits on the sides for Ketanna's upper arms, her two lower arms are hidden beneath out of view. Unless a passerbyer paid strict attention they would assume she was human. Underneath the cloak she wears a sleeveless close fitting top, allowing for easy movement of her four arms. Her long dark brown hair is generally half pulled back enough with a clip to cover her pointed ears. Wielding a silverplated discblade in each hand she leaves her lower set open to make attacks with her yellow lightsaber should an enemy come too close.
Being rather reserved around strangers, she is slow to trust others with no association to herself or those she considers friends. Once they have earned her trust and friendship they become like family to her and she becomes protective of them. When she makes a decision it's decisive and no amount of persuading will change her course."



First impression sketch.
I'm thinking of a desert-scape background... thoughts?


Diggin' this alot Mercy!
Really really liking the armour style.

Amazing as per the norm :)


Woah cool. you should have a sand tornado in the back on the desert


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My first impression was "AWESOME!"

I really like her pose, it fits with her character concept of being secretive and a bit reserved in her manners.
At first I didn't really like how hidden her two lower arms, but then I realized it just fit her character all the more. My only qualm, I suppose, is how they seem a bit out of proportion. May just be the fact the cloak is so large.

Thanks Mercy! You've brought my character to life! Keep up the awesome work.


Hey alicia!

Yeah, all the pictures I've seen of the Codru-ji have the lower pair of arms as slightly smaller than the top ones - so that the hands reach to only marginally lower. But I am sorry if it doesn't look right, I haven't drawn them before!

You'd mentioned that her lower arms were always hidden under the cloak so nobody could tell she wasn't human - so I thought that a nice scene would be of her about to go into a fighting position, the wind whipping at her cloak and pulling it back to reveal the arms hidden beneath. Hope it's worked...

Anyway, will post again soon.


I haven't seen many pictures of this race so it wasn't something I had realized.

Loving it more and more! Really fits the character.


There's only one or two pictures around, maybe it's just me...
Hope it works out, anyway!


Okay, so I've loaded the one with the shadows and highlights, and also one with the sand-storm overlay.
I think this one is about done!


I would kill to have your artistic talent, Mercy.

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I love it! The shadows did a good job of making the lower arms pop a bit more.

Thanks so much! Hopefully I can get you to do another someday!


Great Job as always Mercy! Love the way the sand looks blowing in the wind. Her face is really expressive and the armor is nice and detailed! ^_^