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This request from Derf;

Huby “bad luck”, foreman of repair “Hangar 337”

Huby is a man strapping man, of average age. He is a former soldier who lost his legs at the time of an accident. He tells that it is in full combat which he lost his legs but rumours claim that he would have made an error of piloting at the time of the drives. Legless cripple, Huby moves using a droïd base with eight legs. The support droïd advances a little with the manner of a crab and all kinds of tools exceed mechanical system.

With his pension of war wounded, he made an investment in a repair shop. he rents hangar 337 (dark and rotted) on Nar Shadda.

Handyman and intractable in business, Huby can repair with not very ready all, if one puts the price at it. Huby is a foreman with under his orders two brothers jawas. Huby works with a shirt with short sleeves with floral reasons. His arms and his hands are always dirty and its often stained dirty oil face. He is rather cold, dull and directing… in short a foul temper.

Both jawas whimsical wear coloured overalls to pockets and all kinds of tools. They wear a loose hood which hides their face. Although qualified, the two brothers jawas are distracted, fast, excited and jokers. It is able to them to forget tools by closing again a machine or not to disconnect the pipes before the departure of a shuttle. Huby is often put in anger but for the ridiculous price where they are paid, one should not be too demanding…. They help much Huby to recycle the old parts and to thus make beautiful economies… by selling them like new parts.

I would like a representation of this amusing team, met by my players at the time of a stopover.



OMG - this was a bad luck pic...

I spent, like, 2 hours working on this the first night and got a bunch done.
Opened it the next day to find that ALL my work was gone! Yelled a bit, packed a sad and refused to open it again for a week.
Finally found a second saved copy in a totally different folder (silly me) and felt much better about things.
In the resulting flurry of positive vibes I got the picture finished - and here it is.
Still not completely happy with it but, what the hey, at least it's done!!
~ M


1. Im not american, I just live there
2. slang for St. Patrick (I try not be the slang type of guy(but come on Im a SW geek!))

ya know he'll bring luck to everybody!
except Huby.


Ohh, The Country of the Brits, The almighty, England!
but uhh, they need to really pump it up for the next world cup! miserable efforts.
the cool thing though is that I can switch from british accent to american.
my SW character should be a translator.