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Okay, I'm now so far deep in requests that I feel I need to post some sort of running count. I've been doing this on paper at home but it occurs to me that all you lovely people that have made these requests of me might want to know how far away they are!! I'd like to point out that this is NOT an invitation to add to this list! If you want a picture drawn up please PM me as usual - I don't want this to start resembling a school sports sign-up sheet... Anyway, here's what we've got as of today;

1) Lord Crumb - Asil (done) and LCT (done) character pics.

2) Ninjalemur - Nagai character (this is on hold as the requester seems to have disappeared)

3) Sulkon88 - Mandalorian (done)

4) LAKilroy - Jedi Padawan (done)

5) & 6) BellaTendris - Bella (done) & Bodyguard (done) in hotel suite

7) Mev186 - 'family portrait' (done)

8) Purcell - Xiahou Dan (stolen character pic) (done)

9) Thatoneguy - Nautolan (done)

10) Xanamiar - RPG request; Jai-Li Zhou (done)

11) Trisskar - Triss & Reiji (done)(+ additional pic)

12) Xanamiar - Rachel ('Force Chick' on this blog)(done)

13) CenedraNasio - Cho request (done)

14) Kalessa - Kalessa Isara, Rogue Jedi (done)

15) KaelWinters - Adira and Xian pic (done)

16) Setie - Shades and Cyare scene pic.(done)

17) LCT - Kids pic (done)

18) Mev186 - Arik Vandar (done)

19) Razor - Rynce Winterstar (done)

20) Seghast - Hologram request (done)

21) Trisskar - Nizari (Echani)(done)

22) bellatendris - Force Vision (done)

23) kalenath - Ona & Mama Lizard (done)

24) Rozali - Mercenary Melee Specialist; Artrika (done)

25) LAKilroy32 - Imella Flyve (done)

26) Xanamiar - Alexandria Gabriele (non SW request) (blog up)(done)

27) Alicia - Codru-Ji Character (done)

28) Trisskar - Bha'lir Request (done)

29) LC - Tarncrest family (done)

30) Kalenath - Idjit versus Ravishaw (scene request) (done)

31) mev186 - The Dark Man (+ apprentice?) (done)

32) I. J. Thompson - Fiola Shaku (done)

33) Eben Shadestalker - request (done)

34) Derf - Huby “bad luck” request (done)

35) LC - LCT vs. Lady Sharshea (done)

36) Xanamiar - new Crystal request. (done)

37) Mev 186 - Arik Vandar v2 (done)

38) stevenlockhart - wedding scene (done)

39 & 40) Trisskar - Tails (done) & Triss in a Dress (done)

41) kalenath - Istara Sharlina Andal (done)

42) swrpggm - Sexy Bothan Scoundrel, Elva Ney'Tiri (done)

43, 44 & 45) Comic book covers for LC's kids (Nath) (Eliza) (Joss)

46) Asok - Asok (done)

47) Xan - Jedi Students pic: Judas collaboration (Judas' blog) (done)

48) Trisskar - Zasha (done)

49) Seghast - Anrak & Kage Shitsukoi (Non-SW request) (blog up) (done DA)

50) Kalenath - Jikirt, Kushiban mechanic. (done)

51) Drig - Drig (done)

52) Tusserk - Tusserk (+ master) (done)

53) Eben Shadestalker - Valkyrie (done)

54) Trisskar - Family pic (done)

55) LC - Nath's Girlfriend (done)

56) Kalenath - Singing Trandoshan (done)

57) Seghast - Tyn Tethis (Non-SW request) (blog) (done)

58) alicia - Zeltron and a Mandalorian request (done)

59) DarNamell - Ex-rogue, come Imperial Officer Char. (blog up) (done)

60) Mev186 - Hana Kumori(blog up) (done)

61) LC - 25th issue cover: Ka'rta & Nath (blog up) (done)

62) Kalenath - Sara Kalenath Ordo (blog up) (done)

63) Xanamiar - Sasha; all grown up! (blog up) (done)

64 & 65) Trisskar - Triss & Kieran; Triss and Shar (blog up) (T&K done)

66) LC - 'Bounty Hunters' issue (blog up) (done)

67) Slime 615 - Haradion Drogon (Zabrak) and his Wookiee 'brother' (blog up) (done)

68) Setie - Setie & Bryen scene (blog up) (done)

69) Anazider - Khol Torendau (blog up) (done)

70) swrpggm - Wedding request (blog up) (done)

71) LC - Ka'rta request (blog up) (done)

72 & 73) KaelWinters - Stempunk Star Wars request (blog up) (done) (blog 2 up) (done 2)

74) Trisskar - Triss & Bryen scene

75) mev186 - Vandar family portrait.

76) LAKilroy32 - Serge Tanni scene.

77) LC - Cats request (poss non-SW?)

78) DarthFrazee - Tychus Fenix  


My new rules of the game are; * No more than 5 live requests at any time (not counting ones that are on hold) * No more than 1 live request for any requester at any time. Seem fair? Okay - putting this oh hold cause it's taking me too long to get through these... No more requests until I get through these, please!!



Heh!! You so don't need me, Casca!

Also, since I'm here, here's my next unsolicited sketch. I may even get some work done on it it between all these others!


Thanks for the update Mercy. Looking forward to seeing all 15 pics + whatever else you are working on.

I. J. Thompson

You're amazing, Mercy!

Can we, like, send you a casserole, or something? :)


Ha! What a great response from everyone!!
Thanks guys!

Casseroles gratefully received (I really can't cook!) but thanks for the plug, Xan!
Might be a bit cold by the time it gets to NZ though - will happily accept yummy casserole thoughts in place of same...



WOW, I had NO idea... just for reference, the rule of thumb around is here no more than 2 pieces running at any one time. I'm pretty sure that's published somewhere heh. It's not a hard fast rule, but it's there to keep artists from burning out, and requesters from waiting for a significant amount of time. You do what you like, but if you need a reason to say "No" I think I just gave it to you :-)



Thanks Eclipse!

Yeah, these have all come from personal requests - I haven't 'yoink'ed a request from the boards for ages for this very reason!
So I always say the same thing to the requesters - "I have heaps of work pending, if you're prepared to wait for X amount of requests ahead of you to be done then I will consider your character when I come to it."
I figure that way people know that there will be a significant wait, if they really want me to take the piece, and hopefully the blog will help with that too.

Having said that, I think I may have just hit request critical mass and will have to start turning down new requests until I can get my list down to a more sensible number...
Silly me!!

~ Mercy


I love the background Mercy.. very nice...

Eclipse, I think she's shooting for 200 before the end of the year :)


Ha ha!!!
Nice, Xan!

Okay, so here's the hologram done. I haven't had a crack at this before, so I'm quite pleased with the result!


Okay, I think this one's about done.

I've PM'ed Sulkon88 and haven't heard back from him yet. So I'll bump him down the line until I hear back and make a start on the Jedi Padawan picture for you, LAKilroy!
Once I have a sketch I like I will start a blog for you, k?


I feel so bad mercy..In the sketch I thought the hologram was a cute little lizard thing sitting on her arm.lol. I was wondering about the coloring of it...duh. I does look good though..love the character expression


Ha ha! Ah well!
Yeah, it's hard to do cloaks anyway, I reckon, and even harder to distinguish when made into a hologram. So I'll give it another go with a clearer picture some day.

Thanks Casca!


Blog up for Bryen Nagon.
I've also just heard from Sulkon88, so I'll get onto his pic next...


I thought the same thing Mercy, till I saw that it was a hologram, then it was very easy to see what it was... With everything colored, I don't even see the lizard thing anymore...


At least I'm behaving and not requesting anymore. Though I have struggled not to, had a number of pics I think would be right up your alley. Since your uber busy though (which I totally understand) I think they shall sit till your all done and not so busy. :)


Aw, sorry Setie! Give me a bit to clear out all the requests I have pending and we can start another one for your characters...

Xan - yep, it's just the weekend! Plus, I've gone and bought a new PS2 and am revisiting my old games that I haven't played since forever! Currently on FFX and loving it!!


Aaw, I'm sure that the person will Understand Mercy, Just Point them to this Blog ^_^


Okay, going to Aussie for a fortnight from this Saturday!
So I'm gonna get as much done as I can before then, but at least it won't be for ages...


Ooooo Be careful!! I hear there's alot of dangerous, poisonous, and scary things there!! Still should be alot of fun!! Go pay our favorite Croc Hunter's zoo a visit if you can!! :-D Oh and pictures!! Take lots of pictures!!!


Ha ha!! Triss, you so funny!
Yeah - despite the reputed heat, I'm so taking BIG heavy boots as protection!



I've heard stories about those Australian spiders. - scary, scary stories...


Okay! Back from the Great Southern Land and back to work!
Had heaps of fun but I guess it was too cold for the reptiles still as I missed seeing any snakes, crocodiles or whatever. Ah well...


yes, but that also means that you didn't run the risk of getting bitten, eaten, stung, or otherwise having pain inflicted upon you. Glad you enjoyed it and made it back safe!


I hope you had fun. I myself recently returned from vacation. Which is good because our game got put on a three week pause while people went on vacation or moved or had to go back to school ... just when things were getting good too.


Ah! Yeah that happens...
Still, that just means you really appreciate it, right?


Our game? Yes. We are playing in a Legacy era game, and my character and his co hort have discovered that the guy that hired us is a Sith (we're Imperial Knights not that the rest of the group knows this IC). Sadly our master has told us the guys gotta live to deliver something and well he was most recently shot!!!

To make matters worse I was seperated from the fight because I was looking for more info on our Sith friends so I'm racing back to save my partner in crime before she gets killed. Oh and to protect our mark, secondary concern though obivously hehehe


Far out! Sounds awesome, man!
I can see why you're itching to get back into the game!!

These aren't the characters I did for you, are they? Kain and Maya? I had wondered what would happen to them...