Drig by Mercy


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Okay, having completed a rendering of Asok it's about time I do one for Drig too!

First sketch here is really just a first try - I realised only after finishing it that I had stuffed up his arms (they have another 'elbow'). So I'll give it another go and post again soon!



Whoo!!! TIGHT! The extra elbow thing usually catches people. Darn Dugs and their wack physiology!


Dugs are so badass. XD (And Drig is no exception.) (And this DEPICTION of Drig is no exception!)

Mercy!!! You keep drawing things that make me want to draw them too!! Stop being inspiring, I have enough on my plate already! Hahaha. :D


Aw, you're both so sweet!!
I'm gonna have another go and stick something up soon...


Oh wow! That's awesome! Thanks so much Mercy! Love to see him done by someone else! He looks pissed and I love it!


I like all the cool buckles & buttons in the first pic costume, but the second drawing is a mighty sweet pose - good gesture in the figure!

Eben Shadestalker

bic ori mesh'la vod'ika (translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother )


Wow! That's so awesome! I love the sleeveless-ness of it all! Great work Mercy!