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Non-Star Wars request from Xanamiar;

"The character is a female gambit type character. She is a thief, and a card shark. She wears a coat similiar to that of Gambit .. But I want her to appear a lot more "sexy" than Gambit. she would wear clothing to cover up her skin for the most part, but it would be form fitting, and not armor.

You can draw her out, however you are inspired to do so. She has the same power as Gambit when it comes to making things blow up. But not as big of things as Gambit can. She's around 19 years of age. She has jet black, long hair that goes down to her knees, which she likes to let it flow, although will put it up from time to time. She's from teh streets, but is very clean and neat. A mixture of both in the picture would be awesome. She uses daggers as weapons if she needs them. Mostly she carries playing cards with her, much like gambit does."



This is the 'card-shark' look. Had to drop the coat rather than lose details.


Pheww, Im in love with her

"Life is to be lived, not prearranged," Luke Skywalker...


Thought I'd have a go dropping in a bumch of 'charged' cards blowing around her. Not yet sure if I like it or not... It does kill a lot of details beneath that I'm a bit sad to lose, and I'm not even sure it's part of her power-base.


I actually really like the look of the charged cards flying around her. She can't control them so that they would do that... but I like the look...

She looks awesome as always Mercy, thanks.

And here is her Wiki page.. Click Me!

And she's being used here.. Click Me!



Tell you what, Xan. I'll send you both by email, if you like?
May put the cards one up on DA (since I can't load it here).