Wacom Tablets Rule!

Ello all,

Recently I was gifted with a wacom tablet and Photoshop by my boyfriend. I have to admit that digital media is a bit intimidating: however since I am also still learning the finer arts of watercolor I suppose it is also an excellent time to pick up on CG.

Anyways, my reason for ranting is...well, for ranting sake!

I love the new tablet...I have done a few peices on the computer before but felt working with a mouse to be akward and annoying. Big difference in movement while drawing and using strokes. But now with the wacom tablet I am elated to find I no longer have those concerns. I still very much enjoy the process if traditional media and think that learning it is still very valuable. Nothing beats working in studio with paint media and paper or canvas..the smell, the feel of paint...sometimes the taste of it when you mistake your coffee mug for your water jug...