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Hey guys, 

Here's a quick look at a piece I just completed as a private commission for a non SW related game. I started out with doing a few small sketches in my sketchbook (currently MIA, I think Jynx was using it for note keeping). These consited mostly of getting to know some lizard and reptile anatomy, mostly skeletons, scales, and skin. I also tried to make a plausible looking creature, since the actual images in the RPG book looked off to me. I wound up asking someone for permission to use a maquete of a werewolf as a launchpad for the anatomy of my figure, and they told me to go ahead. 

So this lizard dude is supposed to be kinda big, and he can change the color of his scales. I wanted to do this without making him look like the Invisible Woman when she is using her power, so I tried a more natural approach. 

This is the end result. I took my concept from loose sketches to a rough sketch in photoshop, to a tight pencil on 140lb hotpress arches paper. Here I deviated in my normal method of working by not including a border around the image (which I wish I had done). This meant I had to tape down the image on the back side, which turned out pretty well since the paper didn't buckle much at all once I started painting it. It was a challenge to do this piece, which is so far out of my comfort zone both in subject and in using so much green and blue in my pallet. Fun, and frustrating. 

I need to work more on environment embelishments, and next time I do a piece like this I am raising the price for sure. I hope you emjoy this even if it's not related to Star Wars.



Oh wow, brilliant! I almost missed that he had a tail at first. The camouflage of his scales works very nicely, so much so the clothing almost feels out of place on him. Also I really like the details on the bow. Nicely done.



Beautiful picture Jynxie...  love the camo, it's just suttle enought that you can still see all of the detail on the lizardman.  Looks wonderful


For working well outside your comfort zone, you've done a heck of a job! For my part, I think you've pulled off the colour-change effect brilliantly, and even if this wasn't intended for use in a Star Wars game, I honestly think he'd be right at home on many of the planets out there in the galaxy...

Lord Cygnus

Wow Jynxie,

This is so beautifully rendared, you know had sometimes you create a PC, which for some resaon or another, you never get to play, but for some unknown reason, you feel like it would have been one of your favorites?!? Surely I'm not the only player that this has ever happened to? Well, as a kid,under so newly perposted gaming house-rules I once rolled up a lizardman / ranger (This was enons before TSR, allowed such things). I never got the chance to use that character into any game, but always felt that he would have made one of my favs.

Yes, your artwork brought all that back to me.