So Freakin Busy!


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Huber Heights, OH! I have gotten so busy lately and it sucks because I still have my piece from last month's challenge to get around to finishing up. Plus a friend of mine just sent me a bunch of model shots from a workshop he runs and I have even more pieces I want to do based off of those with my two star wars characters Jynx and Fable. 

But I've been busy in a good way. The last two years for me art making has been particualrly rough, and only now do I feel like I am getting out of that slump. I've been working on some new personal pieces for fun, as well as to take in for review at Illuxcon in September, which is a HUGE illustration convention. I am a bit nervous since it's been a little over two years since I have bothered to show a portfolio at all, and normally those have been with pieces a bit more constructed. But I have got to show them eventually, right?

And because I hit my stride with my own art, I am sad to say I am stepping away from the web comic collaboration I have spent about 3 years working on so that I can do my own thing. I have a lot of pieces in the works and may even have a kickstarter launch for a project next year. I am also planning on creating some pieces for targeted portfolios to begin courting companies again, and am making plans to attend more conventions next year. So much change!

I am also getting ready to run my first FF SW campaign at home, to give my hubby a chance to sit down and play as opposed to running everything. So please keep an eye out because I promise I will come back and post some new SW related art in the future! 



I hope you enjoy the image even though it's not SW



simply beautiful. Nice veiw, but still like we are sneaking a peak.....damn. now I feel like a "tom"