Kickstart My Heart!

Hey guys, 

Today my friends and I are proud to announce the launch of our second kickstarter for our webcomic, Surreality. (NSFW)

Surreality has been running strong for well over a year now. Our comic is about Sydney, a blue haired, pop culture loving girl whose life is stuck in a state of arrested development. Through the series we get glimpses of Sydney's imagination reaching out to her in a haunting way, in the hopes of kicking her life into gear before her friends pass her by and she gets stuck working a mediocre job in a coffee shop. 

Our first kickstarter was based on a series of stories that made up an anthology, looking into the lives of some of our characters that were not in the web comic. 

This time around we are hoping to get the first two chapters of our book published in print, along with a suite of extra goodies. Incentives for backing include a special coffee blend, original comic pages, a chance to star in a cameo including dialogue with our characters, exclusive prints, and custom art from myself, Caleb King (our comic creator), Carla Wyzgala (pin up queen), Scott Blair, and Chris Hamer!

Anything you can do to help us out would be much appreciated, be it sharing our kickstarter, or donating. Even if it's only a dollar, we'll love that dollar till it kills us from paper cuts!

Check us out!

Lord Cygnus

Oh my dear friend Jynxie,

You are so talented and sweet, that if I wasn't as poor as a little church mouse that I'd pledge to you the world. Also, why did you guys have Caleb King do your video by himself? I would have loved to seen the rest of you guys in it, especially you!

I do wish your group all the success possible with your Kickstarter project!


Your Friend and Fellow Artist,

~Gil (A.K.A. Lord Cygnus)


It was funded LC...  Just in case you didn't realize that.... :) 


They'll be doing great, I"m sure of it :)

Lord Cygnus

Oh I know, I just wished that I could have helped out at the time of the fundraiser that's all. I am so happy they are going forward with this project and I wish them nothing but success with their future endeavors.


Thanks guys. Yes, our project was backed, and I just got through with my turn looking over the PDF before it went to the printer and it looks fantastic. It's my first time coloring for a comic, and I had a lot of reservations about my coloring style for the comic, but it looks beautiful put together in the book. 

As for the lack of mine and Carla's faces in the video. We all live in different cities, and I live out of state. Caleb decided if all three of us couldn't be in the video that he would just do it, which was fine by the rest of us since he is the creator.