Jynx's Gun Well


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Wowxahs! There she is, rocking it out in her gunwell aboard The Floating Dustbunny. I've been wanting to do a pic of her in her turret for a while and am now getting around to it. It's been hard to find some solid reference pictures of what a gunwell in Star Wars looks like, but I was finally able to gather enough pieces to puzzle something together. I am thinking I'll pull out one of our game chairs and make a mock up of what could be a gunner's console to use when I shoot a reference picture. I feel really good about this, even though there is a ton of work ahead of me to just get a solid drawing done before I get close to painting her.

But client work comes first, and hopefully a commission piece too before the holidays. So this is looking like a new year's piece.



Haha! Great expression! Reminds me of one of the PCs in our previous campaign, she looooved the ol' turbo laser.

This is gonna be a great piece... look forward to seeing it come together.


Thanks guys. I'm waiting for my sketch to be approved on the client piece. Would anyone be interested in seeing some shots of the process on this? From this rough sketch to the reference shoot, to the transfer and all that?