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School's still going pretty strong, and I only have till April before I am booted out into the adult world for good.

I'm taking Digital Illustration, which is now being offered at my school (we are an old fashioned traditional academy so this is the first digital illustration class being offered aside from foundations). I hear a lot of things in my community about artists who work digitally but can't draw or render traditionally. It makes me sad ={

Traditional skills, in my opinion, are much harder to learn and master than digital ones. My point? Today the girl who sits behind me (and who does all her work on the computer) got mad because she couldn't sketch anything tangible using our new tablets. I was able to (after a few minutes of playing around with the features and tools on the tablet and on photoshop) to digitaly sketch and color Jynx in about 20 minutes.

I'm happy that my digital sketch looks very much like my normal work. Indeed I was surprised by how fast it was to knock out the piece....if I had been doing it with markers it would have taken longer due to me having to rummage through my box for the right colors. So while I will hold off on totally digital work I am seeing that there are some definite pluses to using it.

So you can look forward to seeing more work done with some digital feel to it....for now here is my sketch I did today.




Cool! But be warned - if you continue down this path, forever will it dominate your destiny!



Hehe.....I plan on doing both at the same time....but nothing can ever pry me away from my watercolors and inks......nothing!