resigning from requests


i def love you all... but more that i am frusterated by those that make requests then dont even respond when we draw for them. i will always draw star wars and will post them here for sure... but requests are on hold for now.


I think we can all relate there, Jer.
So long as we get to keep seeing your work I think we can't complain!!


I understand, Jer. Sometimes not having any feedback really does take the wind out of your sails.

That said, I'd like to share how I deal with it from the Day One.

SWAG is not just about what the requesters' want. Also added into it is what we want to draw, inspired by the requests here. That's my mark in SWAG. If the requesters reply, I think of it as a bonus, but they really don't have to.

If they don't reply, at the very least I'm happy that I have one request to my name here, and minus one to the standing requests. And other players and forum lurkers who find that my picture fills their requirement are happy.

In any case Jer, I look forward to your great, stylistic artwork around this here parts.

Lord Crumb

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" LCT screamed as his hands reached for the sky and read the post from thelegendofjer. Oh, would those devious scoundrel twins crimelords ever come to life in pictures. As he drops his hands and hangs his head, LCT knows that this is the way of the world. Sometimes you win but most times you lose.

-LCT :-)


thanks everyone for your awesomeness! like i said, i promise to still post star wars stuff. i havent died smile :)

it's true that, as individuals, we can't change the world. but if we band together, and lock arms in a line, we can play "red rover, red rover." -nick decamp


Terrible. I couldn't stand not commenting or talking their ear off once they've taken, let alone drawn, my requests... tsk tsk people. Such great work all around. Tsk tsk.