elle-keh similon process

for all who find this stuff fascinating :)

step one - lines. these are already leveled and colored, but i would not normally color lines until the end. i am always changing up how i color lines but in this case i took the darkest purple in the colors and added black at like 60% (even though i save the art in RGB, i always work in CMYK. i feel i have more control of the color).

step two - flat colors. 'nuff said.

step three - gradient overlay. i like to use a darker magenta for bad guys :)

step four - any special effects. in this case saber and whip.

step five - background. in this case the character has the force flight skill and the requester wanted that to be part of the pic so POOF there it is :)

had fun playing along?




Whoa! I could easily see this character in Tartakovsky's Clone Wars animated series. Great pose.