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Hey Swaggerinos!

Yeah, I've been a little more absent as of late... but I'm still working my requests, I promise!

I just got myself a new computer! Which means I can finally use more capital letters and actually type with a capital T! Yes! T! Whoo... New Computer means I'm not working on a dinky laptop and can actually work on old large files! So some WiP for you all! I also inherited Asok's old tablet cause mine only worked if you did a handstand on a full moon! Hopefully my art will improve now that I can actually draw normally on the computer again....

Less Talk, More WIP!

The first one is my "unofficially" claimed request for the Corporate Sector Campaign Guide...

Second is the Hapan Fighter Pilot concept. He's from "Dragon Squadron!" :P I thought that it would be cool if Hapan's based their armor more off of legendary animals of their homeworld, thus the "dragon" armor... I also thought that they should wear ceremonially red robes when not active, cause Hapans apparently have a thing for the color red.

So that's that!

Keep on Swaggin'


I recently got a job that takes up a lot of my time. If I have been absent of late, that's probably the cause. Sorry about the no updates for those that I have claimed requests from. Here's an update of where I am at right now. I am Starting on the second Hapan Outfit cause this first ones pretty much done. Also working on the Two War Torn Lovers request. and yes I'm aware that it is Jayne and they are wearing weird colored armor. It's a WiP by the way!:P I also hope to get the Corporate Sector Cover done soon. Whew I bit off a lot this go. Hopefully I can get this stuff done pronto! Here's to round three! DING DING!

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I took some minor liberties with your request Dragon, for composition sake. Hopefully that's not a problem. Hope you like and I'm still around. :P