Female Jedi Padawan - Rylis Request WIP


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Here's what I've got so far... Sorry bout the wait.. My Computer died soon after I had taken the request and now I'm forced to work off of a laptop which is intensely frustrating... Hope you like it so far!

I'm gonna put the lightsaber on soon, just haven't quite got there yet. I am gonna color soon as well. Hope it matches your ideas a little! I know how closely we guard our favorite characters! :P



If there's anything you would like to change, it's not to late, just let me know. Fun request for me... Kind of reminds me of a padawan, I used to play... A favorite you might say..


Hehe, looks just like how I pictured Rianna as a Padawan, awesome :D I just love the snarky "Yeah, what are you going to do about it?" look on her face - SO like her!


Great work on the face and hands, but the body seems a little flat. There's no detail, no shape. It's just a contour.