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So I recently began a Star Wars RPG campaign.  The PCs are some young members of a Mandalorian Clan set 5 years after the clone wars.  Their family has set up a small operation selling muscle and protection to a number of underworld clients on the capital planet of an outer rim sector.  The 4 PCs are brothers, and I wanted to detail the rest of the small operation, as they are all relatives of the characters.  I don't really have time to do full artwork for each, so I've gone with some 'quick' photomanips.  I like to think of it like making a series of movies or TV show, so I like to pick character actors that I think would be good in the various roles. 

I'm just going to share some of them here.  Each is about 40 min with photoshop.



Fun set of images! What species is the alien?

Kind of hope we get to see snippets of your adventures here. You're the GM, I presume??


Thanks swaggers.

Tuss, yes I'm the GM.  I'll post some brief synopses once we get going.  I really wish I had more time to do full drawings though.

 Players are finsihing their own characters at this time.

The alien guy; I named the species Peloquin.  Peloquin is actually the character's name in the source materiel; a clive barker horror flick/ fantasy from the 1980s called Night Breed.  He's a monster-race.  The angrier or more aggressive he gets, the more bestial his features become.

One of my very first pieces of art for SWAG was a character based on this 'imported' species:



Mandalorian Danny Trejo with a Twi'lek on his breastplate as an allusion to his actual chest piece!
I love it!