Terros Bade


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Newark Ohio

With Boba Fett missing and assumed dead, the scum of the galaxy put forth their bid for the most feared hunter. Terros Bade, a human hunter from the outer rim is a fore runner with a custom blaster and a go for broke attitude. A former sargent in the rebelion, he uses his skills to hunt those who need hunted in the galaxy for whom ever pays the best in the power vacuum behind the scattering Empire.


Though not finished....he is close. Hard with all the hours I have put in at work. Started as practicing eyes...who knew



I meant to comment on this when I first saw it up here!! SO GOOD, I really love his expression. You still working on it? Can't wait to see the finished piece, ahh.


There is a reason that I have never finished a pic of Tusserk or Asok. I can never get them the way I want them to look.


Dude, Asok looks SICK!... I don't know how much better you could do him... and is that Evi?