not so much star wars...


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I did some work on my D&D character. From 3.5 , he is a Half orc. tried a few skin colors and went with red. I cant figure why the Paladine does not trust me.....I may lean a little toward the evil side but I am a monk.....very lawful....snicker snicker



A monk...yes...I see it... ;) :-p nice pic. Should have someone do Trisskar 2 sometime - Before she was sith she was actually an Ever Quest 1 Paladin in gold armor :-D She was my best character...then she evolved into a D&D Character. A warrior type with a real big, jagged edge sword who loved sake :-p and after that she became the Trisskar we all know and love. Still...I do miss table top D&D at times.


very good...I wasnt going for it at first but when the red skin was tried that is where it went from there Asok