John G Wolf visits Ohio


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Newark Ohio

Well, John just left heading south after a couple of days of visiting. To bad I had to work 3rds and then sleep a lot. Very nice visit. Good fortune, weather and acquaintances along the way dude.
Pic from right before he left.



DOG!! Your dog? His dog? Random stranger dog?

(Also, cool, dang it, I really got to do more roaming next time I'm in the States.)


That is Johns dog. Lady A. She is a sweety. My GF cried because she missed her. They bonded in the last half hour he was here


Forgive me, but you two are now in the category "Cool Old Guys". Also, rad sword collection.



Me and Lady A, are still heading South. :)
The basement "Nerds Built" is freaking awesome. lol Gaming books galore, Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel figures, Rifts D&D and so much more. Too freaking awesome!!! XD
And thanks for the "Cool old dudes" comment. ;) lol
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