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New Jersey, United States

An eponymous request for an eccentric Kel Dor smuggler fronting as a circus ringleader.

Two versions - one with a turban, and one without.

Update: Bigger turban, preliminary colors, and yes, chrome-plated shoes.

Tell me if you want the turban bigger or smaller or a different shape. At this point, it's still really easy to change.



At first the turban gave me pause, but it grew on me pretty quickly. I actually like the turban a lot. Very good job man. My one and only request (if it can even be made) is to make the turban larger, almost over-the-top, you know? One thing I liked most about the typical circus ringleader is the larger than life appearance, which usually meant wearing large capes (which you've got in there) and large headwear. Keep it up man. Thanks a lot.