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Seeing all of those awesome scenes from Tusserk's game has inspired me to do a few more myself, from our favorite old campaign. So here's the crew of the Moon Crater, doing what they do best - moving heavy boxes full of... stuff...

I can't really decide what else to do with this piece. I sketched two figures in the foreground, ostensibly striking an anti-smuggling deal while we make off with the loot behind their backs... but now I dunno. Suggestions?



Oh that is aaaawesome!! (And, whee, I'm just a little bit chuffed to have helped serve as inspiration!)

I mean, part of me just adores seeing a scene/crew from someone else's game, so there's some bonus love right there. But, man, even without knowing this is a beloved set of PCs, what you're doing with it is fantastic! At first I was in two minds; the detail and action you've got with the crew is so great, I was kind of sad to see them pushed further into the 'background', but man, with the colour added... it's working. It's working so well! Your guys are still quite clearly the 'focus', but put into a much broader setting that makes for a much more interesting piece than if it was just the group doing their thing.

This is great. :D