Inex Jonn and the Luminous Three WIP


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I.J. Thompson's request for a trio of deadly entertainer/assassins (who turn out to be clones!).

I'm going for a sort of Barbie doll/Tonnika twin infusion in the style.

Inex Jonn is next!

Edit: basic colors added.


I. J. Thompson

Oh my god... Asok, I thought you'd forgotten about me!

Absolutely gorgeous - I love how they have a kind of 'Barbie' vibe... absolutely bang-on, mate!

I have to come up with some sort of criticism, to preserve my dignity... :P . Possibly the middle girl's eyes might be a little crossed? Still, this is brilliant! I love what you're doing, here. Bravo! :)


Haha! I believe you are right about that. But luckily it's an easy fix!


I. J. Thompson

Whoah - there's Inex, and he looks great! I love how he's visibly shorter than the girls, and his pose reminds me of an old Kenner action figure, from back in the day... a pleasant association! Also, I love the bit of 'cultural' jewelry you've created for him... could you have created the first Sakiyan style element? Maybe! :)

You know, I think I fell so in love with the symmetry of the girls on their own, I'm starting to wonder if these would work better as two separate pictures... what are your thoughts on that? They all look so good, I worry about covering anybody up!