Drig and Asok with a Vengeance!


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I've been working on a big portrait of all the major characters from mine and Drig's very first campaign. I've got the line art for all the pertinent characters so far: Skylark, Twi'lek Jedi; Darvone, our hired Togorian muscle; me, Asok, the copilot/navigator/slicer; Hayden, excommunicated Bothan spy; and good ol' captain Drigpants.

Hopefully I'll be able to slap some colors on this mofo this weekend.

In other news, I went to see Transformers at the midnight showing, but the projector malfunctioned with about 10-15 minutes of movie left. Anybody want to tell me how it ends?
I have a free movie ticket now, and I'm tempted to see Star Trek for a third time... lol.