zeltron npc for a game

not sure what else to say other than the clothes were a trip to do.

December 1, 2011 by: solarfalcon in: Work In Progress

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I...suck at these types of things. So I'll be breif. Hi my name is Katie and I come from the sky.~~<3

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This showed up in Rouge gallery again so putting it here for here too just in case. This is my favorite Character to RP in our starwars games...wait no scratch any of our rp games.
Curiously the pictures I am trying to post are not showing up in my galley nor in the newest images gallery...yet after exploring they are in Rogue's gallery... I read the thing about the images disappearing and am thinking it is related... either way here is a wip of another rynn Zikiri Romany
Ok So First off HI EVERYBODY! Also should probably throw in a Happy Halloween too. Just putting in a WIP that i've been toying with in photo shop for a while. Hopefully soon it will be completly complete. Enjoy~