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Every once and again I draw something that isn't Star Wars. 

Some of it I take all the way to Color Town!

HEY!  Here's some now....

January 7, 2015 by: Judas in: Non-Star Wars Art

About Judas

I've been drawing as long as I can remember. Maybe longer. My memory isn't that great anymore. I've always considered myself more of a doodler than an artist. Maybe my standards are just too high, eh? I've been three credits away from a degree in illustration for about 6 years now. School costs money. Actual Earth money! Why didn't anyone tell me this?! In addition to the occasional doodle I've also been involved in sketch comedy. I've done my fair share of writing and acting over the years. I'm currently working on and off with a live sketch comedy group called Monkey Rampant. I have been in love with Star Wars ever since I saw the original as an infant/toddler. I will never forget that horrible day that I realized "Jedi" was not a valid career option. I refer to that day as "last tuesday". Looks like it'll have to be "Smuggler".

Birth Date: 
September 15, 1975
Barryton, Michigan USA
Pen, Pencil, Computer to color
figure 5
A while ago I promised to put together a tutorial on how I draw the "Judasverse".  And, since I'm out of work with a knee injury (watch out for them circular saws, friends), I've had time to throw someting together. I've decided to draw Stand and Deliver's Chaz and Tusk (because they're my favorite characters to draw) sneaking around some caverns. Let's get started!
Kashyyyk Landing
Feeling weird about abandoning my usual, goofy style, I have set off to tell a story that (somehow) was inspired by an entire weekend of a "The Best of Three Dog Night" album.  Seriously, I don't see the connection either. Anyway, I'm gonna dump some teasers atcha, right here.
If you look back at my gallery (and I have mixed feelings about you doing so) you'll see that it took me a long time to develope a style that I'm comfortable with.  Well I'm glad I found it, because it's the only way I could pull off these crowd scenes.  Man, am I really lovin' doing crowd scenes.  Not entirely certain whether I'll be able to colour this one, but I'll have to try. I feel that this one NEEDS colour.   Pic #2: Tightened up he lines.  Made a couple of minor changes.  All while being pounced upon continuously by tiny monsters.
Everynight since my girls were born I've read "The Hobbit" to them. I've decided to illustrate some of the scenes for them, hoping it will make it more exciting. This is where Bilbo and the dwarves fight the spiders. I'm still working on it, of course:)