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Asha & Squiggins [Ewok Pilot & D2 AstroMech]

Asha & Squiggins - Base flat colours

Request from Rebyllion; "I have a request for a strange but very amazing character thats finally coming back to the party. His name is Asha he is an Ewok ace pilot and frequently accompanied by his astromech droid Squiggins. It would be amazing to have them drawn together but i understand if you don't wanna draw both. Asha is your typical Ewok when it comes to height he however was shaved near the beginning of our game so is in the awkward stage of regrowth he carries a human sized blaster on his right leg and a machete across his back.

Jan 26, 2013 by: grendeljd in: Work In Progress

Defiance Cover Art

Yikes! Accidentally deleted my entire blog - I was just trying to delete one image! Crap!!

Ah well, I'll add just a couple of pics back plus my latest update. Major change is the poster on the back wall, and I've coloured in the middle rear wall.

Thanks to everyone for all previous [now deleted] comments & feedback!

Oct 5th - finally, the final!

Sep 28, 2011 by: grendeljd in: Non-Star Wars Art

T4-K2 Bounty Hunter / Assassin Droid

OK, at long last I have cobbled together ONE rough out of several design bits-n'-pieces sketches of T4-K2!!

Even though this is still just a rough sketch [and I'm pretty sure it has some serious proportional issues to work out], I gotta get a WIP blog going on this guy. As requested, I have looked at HK-47 as well as the MagnaGuard designs for inspiration.I think ultimately the only similarity to either is the central torso area, which has elements of both droids in it.

Sep 16, 2011 by: grendeljd in: Work In Progress
Here is Scarecrow in his civilian attire. These are very rough concept sketches only, so don't mind the bad proportions and fuzzy detail here & there. Most importantly, his face doesn't really represent a Jango clone yet - I doodled the first image while at work and had no immediate reference material for the face. For now I am just trying to nail down the look of his outfit & hairstyle. Weapons will also be better detailed in a final drawing.