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Campaign Finale

After the system seems to have eaten my first attempt at sharing this, let's try again!

Nov 15, 2014 by: Tusserk in: home game

Home Made Minis and Mods

Okay sooo, we've had a bit of fun lately while campaigning on Tatooine, first our GM surprised us all with a home-made Sandcrawler, complete with gridded interior compartments and two levels to have encounters on, and then he enlisted my help to build a Krayt Dragon to surprise the rest of the party with in a battle last night.

Mar 3, 2013 by: Tusserk

The Omega Project: Prologue

Even before our campaign ended, I was fairly decided on the fact that I wanted to retell the story in some fashion or other, and eventually decided that I'd try my hand at pulling it together in the form of a comic. I can't let myself think to hard about the time it would hypothetically take to actually get it all out; at my current pace I'd need at least half a dozen lifetimes to work through the whole story.

Jun 12, 2012 by: Tusserk
So, life's been out to get me for a little while now, and most recently it all got topped off via my computer having a pretty terrible meltdown! The good news is, I've got a backup of everything I was working on! Hooray! The bad news is, it'll probably be quite a number of months before I can get myself a new setup.
Felt like blogging this one! Unnatural Gas's request for the group he GMs for; the group of heroes making their way through what used to be a subway system.
Figured I'd get one of these sketchbook things happening! Mainly because I just scribbled up a reaction to our latest spam post in the forums-- though the post isn't there anymore, it (and Asok's reaction to it!!) sure got a laugh out of me. May as well have somewhere to post my odds and ends and scrawls that I don't really intend to finish, too! 12/09 - Huh. Well, I finished Michael's Paladin guy, buuuut for some reason the image won't survive the blog-submitting process. Guess only Michael gets to see him for now!
Been a bit of a while coming, but I'm finally getting into my piece for rg000's ewok character, Dee! I fell in love with the character concept pretty much right off the bat, and I am so determined to get her JUST RIGHT! Therefore, here's my sketch thus far, and I thought I'd check that I'd put all the elements together properly before getting too much further into the detail. I've also got the background pretty much sorted, I am so excited to polish the sketch and start getting stuck into colour!!
If you haven't worked it out yet, I am a very distractable, non-linear sort of artist. XD I can easily have over a dozen pieces in various stages of progress lying around the house, and it is very very very rare that I'll work on a single image, start to finish, without pausing to dabble with another at some point.
Heeeey, let's see me having a go at one of these WIP style blogs! Admittedly, I've been a little slow lately. I have an overcommitment problem, and I know it!! Not to mention the fact that I've decided to have another go at NaNoWriMo this year... why do I do these things to myself!?! But anyway, I AM actually still squeezing in drawing time, and I AM planning to actually get finished with some of these requests I have sitting around taking up forum space, not to mention the 3982749870981 things I still intend to draw one day for my beloved campaign!