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November 15, 2014 by: Tusserk in: home game

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Been drawing since I was four, always happily watched the Star Wars films as a kid- but only got thoroughly involved in the universe when my husband started up a SWRPG campaign in early '09. I love taking requests, have an 'in progress/owed art' list that takes up about three pages of my notebook, and I'm constantly striving to get better at what I do.

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November 29, 1999
Digital, pencil, acrylics, markers.
Okay sooo, we've had a bit of fun lately while campaigning on Tatooine, first our GM surprised us all with a home-made Sandcrawler, complete with gridded interior compartments and two levels to have encounters on, and then he enlisted my help to build a Krayt Dragon to surprise the rest of the party with in a battle last night.
Even before our campaign ended, I was fairly decided on the fact that I wanted to retell the story in some fashion or other, and eventually decided that I'd try my hand at pulling it together in the form of a comic. I can't let myself think to hard about the time it would hypothetically take to actually get it all out; at my current pace I'd need at least half a dozen lifetimes to work through the whole story.
So, life's been out to get me for a little while now, and most recently it all got topped off via my computer having a pretty terrible meltdown! The good news is, I've got a backup of everything I was working on! Hooray! The bad news is, it'll probably be quite a number of months before I can get myself a new setup.
Felt like blogging this one! Unnatural Gas's request for the group he GMs for; the group of heroes making their way through what used to be a subway system.