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Medical Droid Gone Bad

I'm not dead. Just busy to an extreme. Stealing time to draw is a huge luxuary. This request was almost done, but lost along with all my other drawings when I bought a new computer. It's for the best though, since this is far better then the last one.

Oct 2, 2015 by: Drig in: Work In Progress

Looking for passage to the alderaan system

Just a heads up, I'm leaving the US for a little while and will be back in roughly three weeks. I'm going where there is no Internet so I won't be around but I will be drawing! Trying out drawing on my brand new iPad! Be back soon!

Jul 25, 2012 by: Drig

Skog the Jawa's Request

Here is Skog's Character up with black and whites! Next up is Andy the 21-B Droid!

If there's anything you'd like changed Skog, let me know!

Jan 19, 2011 by: Drig in: Work In Progress
Well heres my black and whites for it. Haven't done black and whites in a long time! Usually start with colors now. This request was originally done by Asok as a padawan as seen here: http://www.swagonline.net/node/5428 Requester asked for her to be updated to more "healer" look since the character has aged and is almost a Jedi Knight. If there's anything you'd like changed danikreuzer, let me know!
Initial Blobs of Grey!! YaY! Edit: B&W Sketched! Now for some color?
Booh yeah initial sketch! Edit: Blocking in the shapes and initial black and white rendering! Thinking of calling this "Care to make a wager?" Smirk!
Peter Pan
I did this yesterday for the contest over on deviant art... Hope everyone likes it, not as pleased with it after all as I hoped to be. http://drigkyle.deviantart.com/art/Take-me-to-Neverland-146194164
To give you an Idea of where I am here's a little older WIP on that Kel Dor to wet you appetite. Hope it's going where you'd like it! More to follow! Drig
Hey Swaggerinos! Yeah, I've been a little more absent as of late... but I'm still working my requests, I promise! I just got myself a new computer! Which means I can finally use more capital letters and actually type with a capital T! Yes! T! Whoo... New Computer means I'm not working on a dinky laptop and can actually work on old large files! So some WiP for you all! I also inherited Asok's old tablet cause mine only worked if you did a handstand on a full moon! Hopefully my art will improve now that I can actually draw normally on the computer again....
FINALLY! I can't believe it's gotten to this point. this request is cursed I tell you! I've done it 4 times... Every single time it gets destroyed... It's evil... But its pretty? I actually forgot about it numerous times and here it is. With God on my side, it will be vanquished. See it soon... Original thread: http://www.swagonline.net/node/3686 Mwhahahahahaha! Mwhahahaha! Mwhaha. Mwhaha... mwah.. whatever... Drig