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October 21, 1967
Newark Ohio
Photoshop CS4
Been, well, no doing much drawing. Or more like start dont finish move on and repeat. almost completed this Hired Gun redo.  Glad This place is up and populated. Missed seeing everyones work and seeing the comments. Aslo Have blue "glowy" visor version. 
Didn't want to put up in gallery because of the sheer amount of photo manipultaion, but did some quick mashing to get a group pic and then create a Adventure poster... kind of movie-esqe.
Our group is going after a smuggler with an old republic cruiser.....I plan on taking it. We were hit by a Pirate with a Corellian Corvette and I want this to Even things up a bit. Coupled with suprise we should fair well. That and an old freighter loaded with explosives and extra sheilding to ram him with to begin the assult. I was at work and had a pen and blank cardboard and a fine tipped sharpie. I drew this in between customers. It's fun because the store next to mine is a gaming/ comic shop. At least half knew what it was. Drew Spawn on the back which was fun.
Debating the Explosion. Like the dynamics of it, but....should he just be in a cloud of smoke? Idunno.