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San Diego Comic-Con was so much fun, as usual. There was amazing art everywhere, I got to meet a bunch of artists and say hello to some of my favorites. I spent way too much money on stuff I don't really need. But my favorite part was getting this photograph of me and my friend Steve with the star of one of my all-time favorite "bad" movies.

Did anyone else go?

Aug 2, 2008 by: Travis Moore in: Life in General

Me and Lynda Carter

That's me with THE Lynda Carter

Okay, I know this isn't Star Wars related, but last Friday I got to meet...Lynda Carter! Lynda Wonder Woman My Childhood Idol The Most Beautiful Woman On The Planet I Could Cry I'm So Excited Carter. I don't think I've ever been so excited about meeting someone in my life.

Apr 27, 2008 by: Travis Moore in: Life in General

Camero Request

Okay, before anyone starts thinking I'm a deadbeat request fulfiller (myself included) I've finally had some time to sit down and work on the request from Camero I took, like, a month ago. This is the basic design I have in mind for the character. I want to draw him in a more dynamic pose that is more fitting to his personality, but this is what I'm thinking for his look. Thoughts?

Dec 8, 2007 by: Travis Moore in: Work In Progress