So, obviously I'll be taking it easy for a little bit here since we just got the whole site upgrade, but there are some notable features that are missing at this point, and I'd very much like to fix that. In addition to this I'll probably introduce some new features along the way, and any thoughts or opinions on this are very welcome.

May 13, 2013 by: Eclipse in: Site Features

About Eclipse

I can't remember a time I didn't love Star Wars, but my first step into that larger world was when my mother (on a lark) one day bought me "The Crystal Star". That pretty much hooked me on the Expanded Universe. Since then I've bought virtually every book... and yeah... that takes up a lot of shelf space.

As far as art goes: I've been doing Web Page development since I was 15. I went to college for a bit and absorbed as much info about 3d modeling as I could.

Now I teach myself what I can, and learn from others as much as possible. There are so many great artists here; it's been a real encouragement, and is a wonderful place to make friends.

Birth Date: 
June 2, 1981
Oklahoma City
Anything Digital, especially 3D
As usual, all the concept artwork credit goes to Jeff Carlisle whose art I am constantly consuming and repurposing for my own usage. It's hard to find concepts better than his, and I'm certainly not ready to go spitting out awesome concept ships. Original can be found here: First image is the current GI Render, second is my polygons.
So, Jeff Carlisle has this squid thing that I did a bust of a few years ago. Never got around to finishing it and wanted to take a try at it with new techniques. Seems to be coming along ok.
Mercy's Flame
This is Mercy's Flame WIP, I wanted to show her what CCR meant. This is NOT my work (except for some extra work on highlights and flame).
I'm gonna label this a "work in progress" because it surely is. :-D What follows is a list of things that are known, currently broken with the new theme. I believe I've fixed most majorly broken issues with the site, but if you know of something that's not already mentioned here, feel free to post a comment detailing the issue. I am also including a list of fixed bugs and improvements that are coming down the pipe.