A practical ship [A practical Asok]

Some time ago I granted my players a ship the likes of which I have not seen before, but would like to.

If anyone's interested, I'd love to see a rendition of it.

I gave it some technical name, a random alpha-numerical assignment, but that got abandoned that very gaming session, and I've allowed the players to just refer to it as '[their] ship' ever since.

Either way; I based its stats on the S40K Phoenix Hawk, but the appearance of it is significantly different, as is its purpose, which are tied together.

As far as flight goes, it's one of those otherwise impractical designs that flies at a 90º angle to how it lands, but this is for a reason. It was developed by the Gran as an exploration and aggressive scouting (*cough* colonization *cough*) vessel, and principally functions groundside as its own base camp.

The ship resembles an elongated traditional turbolaser turret, albeit with a small bridge/cockpit, with minimal control surfaces and four large, retractable diamond-shaped 'feet', around the perimeter of the engines, that fold out on each side for landing. When groundside, the 'feet' serve to stabilize the ship, which is now a handy observation tower and light turbolaser turret for defoliation and/or establishing a defensive perimeter around the ship, complete with sniper/lookout positions from the gull-wing bridge canopy. The ship can even be programmed to shoot anything that moves within a given proximity to the ship while the crew sleeps. At the base, when groundside, the ship is large enough to serve as spartan living quarters for its crew of four. I've imagined it looking like an upside-down flower when not in flight, with the 'feet' being the petals, if that makes any sense. It's only armament, at the time, is a light turbolaser turret at the nose.

I can't imagine how complicated the deckplans would have to be to accommodate crew quarters that can rotate or at least be functional both vertically or horizontally; I just end up thinking bout that Escher piece with the stairs everywhere, except I suspect it would have to involve hammocks or similar netting. Thus, I've relegated my creative energies to just outward appearance and stats for the most part.

I can provide more detail, but I kinda wanna see if anyone has a different idea as to how it should look. If I'ven't been clear enough though, feel free to ask for clarification. I've recently seen a sudden push for ships on the site, and I'd be very grateful to see my brainchild, the players' home away from home, likewise portrayed by one of our fabulous guildies.

Thanks for reading.