Wookiee Mandalorian! [Jawastu]

This is sure to be Interesting, or at least promising. Toricha was a pit fighter until he found his true calling as a Mandalorian warrior. He lacks the extended training of a supercommando but makes up for it with his strentgh, courage, and willpower. His fur is brown with a red tint to it. The armor itself will resemble Mandalorian armor of course, what I must have on him is a chest plate, shoulder pads, forearm plates, colored yellow please. Other than these the artist may put whatever he/she wants on em extra armor wise. I'd like his hair braided (the hair on his head). A bowcaster across his back and a large (width wise, not length) primal looking blade on his right hip for weapons.

Background doesn't matter to me, maybe a jungle but like I said, it wont make a difference to me if the artist prefers another background or none. He should look fearsome but not mad or uncontrolled. I left the description purposely vague for the most part to the give the artist some freedom but I think I left enough details there so it is not too freeform.

P.S. I didn't specifically say anything about a helmet so I just want to clarify that I do NOT want him to have a helmet. I just don't see a wookiee wearing a helmet, maybe its just me but thats how I see it.