SWAG Sabacc Deck

Okay, I've been messing with this idea for some time now.  And I wanted to bring it to everyones attention.

I'd like to get all of our artists ((who would like to help))  to get together and make a SWAG Sabacc deck.  I'd love to see each of the face cards done by a different artist.  


Now, after doing research about Sabacc there are two different decks.  I'd like to use the Centran deck, to get more artwork into it. 

This News is to find out who all would be interested in helping with the design of the deck.  Eclipse already has a back for the deck, we just need all the cards made.

My thought here is to let artists choose what they'd like to make.  I'd love to see a deck made by a bunch of different artists but be completely cohesive.


So, let me know if you're interested in this news as a reply... and we'll iron out all the details among the artists who wish to be involved.


A standard sabacc deck includes 76 cards.

  • Coins, Flasks, Sabres, Staves:


Commander (12)

Mistress (13)

Master (14)

Ace (15)


  • Face Cards 

Queen of Air and Darkness (−2) --Hablyonus Pense

Endurance (−8) --Tusserk?

Balance (−11)

Demise (−13) -- Jynxie

Moderation (−14)

The Evil One (−15) --Dredwulf60

The Star (−17)

The Idiot (0)   --Judas

In Centran sabacc, the deck only includes a single copy of the standard face cards listed above and possesses these additional face cards:

The Destroyed Starship --Hablyonus Pense

The Satellite

The Wheel   --Tusserk?



The Universe

Legate (a ranked card in each suit with a value of 11, but trumping the standard 11)


Also: Keep your eye out for a Coloring contest that will be coming up shortly.  I think it should be fun for everyone.