New Members, Website Stats & Online Games, OH MY!

I wanted to start by obviously welcoming even more Guild members to our Ranks. Davinkabak and Kuk-Man have joined the guild. Kuk-Man's work is great and you can see it on DA, he's not submitted his work to SWAG yet for everyone else's viewing pleasure, but hopefully we'll see that soon. :-) Davin has already graced us with some of his fabulous technical images and I personally can't wait to see more. There are a few more guild submissions in the queue that the council is reviewing so we'll probably have some more new guild members soon.

Secondly I wanted to take this time to share some numbers with you all. SWAG is doing great! Currently we're getting about 335 visitors to the site per day and about 140,000 hits per month! This is really fantastic and I just want to again thank all of the dedicated SWAGgers out there as this would have been impossible if not for the unwaivering loyalty shown to this site over the course of 5 years. What a great place to be! We're not in the same situation we were in before the site went down. We're at a point where I'd personally really like to see us triple our current size soon of that's possible. The more great artists we have using this site, the more requests we can take and fulfill and that's what SWAG's been about since day one. I'm personally really stoked about the image the Mercy is doing for Stratos right now. That's exactly the sort of stuff that SWAG is suppose to be about. So I'm thrilled to see us doing it.

Finally I'd like to touch on something that's close to my heart. Over the last number of years (nearly 10) a friend of mine has built an online game based around the mythos of Beowulf. It's a fantastic game, and I know I've mentioned it on swag before, but never in an "official" manner. So I'd just like to point you guys at Grendel's Cave. Give it a try. It doesn't cost anything to play, and it really is a blast.

That's all I got folks!