Expanding the Community

So... I've been saying for a while now that accepting new members was a top priority for me and today we deliver! For those of you who want to become members of the SWAG community I've just opened up the registration process. This will allow you to become a community member, not a Guild member. Guild membership is still closed for the time being until I can come up with a good way of keeping that streamlined. However this shouldn't take too long, it and request are the next things up on the chopping block.

Also with this I'd like to announce that we do have one new Guild member. :-) He is known to all of us and is a fantastic artist. We've all wondered why he wasn't a guild member for a long time, well now we can stop wondering because he's joined our ranks. I'm proud to announce that Stirzy is now a guild member!

Ok, well my work is done for the day. :-)