Zander Starfire: Hero. Jedi. Sith.

Hey guys, It's the end of an era: a game that I was once part of with a beloved character has come to an end after seven years of hard, exciting gaming. As a means of paying tribute to my character - and, perhaps, finally being able to see what he looks like beyond mere words - I thought I'd try my luck here. The character in question was the Padawan Learner of the Revanchist, and advanced to the rank of Knight shortly before the start of the Mandalorian Wars. The first Jedi to throw in his support of Revan and Malak, he proved himself to be one of his master's most capable and efficient Generals - and his hand-picked special operations unit, the 407th, rose to great fame throughout the conflict. Love, however, manipulation, and the death of his friends drove Zander towards the edge, however, and he fell to the dark side. Becoming the apprentice of the Sith Spirit Darth Primeous - the first Dark Lord of the Sith - Zander was renamed Darth Praesolus, and began accumulating a degree of power that was terrible. He was saved from damnation, however, when his pregnant lover sought him out on the dead world where he was being trained: though she was taken hostage and tortured by Praesolus' master, the Sith Apprentice felt her pain and presence and went on a rage-fueled rampage, killing the Sith creations on the world and setting his lover free. Her love, and his own doubts and realisation that he was due to be a father, helped him turn away from the dark side. As a redeemed Knight, Zander continued to fight for the Republic, and even took up arms against his beloved master-turned-Sith, Darth Revan. In the end, he sacrificed himself to destroy a colossal weapon, "The Eye of Infinity" - a decision which saved the other PCs, the NPCs, and stopped Revan from getting his hands on a war-winning uber-device. That's a little about the character; what follows now is the description I wrote for him, during the three main stages of his IC life. I'd like to request that an artist work on him for any one of these stages, or more than one (if they feel up to it!): ---------------------- PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Zander stands around 5'85" tall with a strong, athletic build. He has short, blonde, untameable hair, which seems to constantly play across his eyeline. He has a handsome face, and an almost breath-taking smile. His eyes are a most flattering shade of green-brown, and are warm and comforting. Following the traditions of the Jedi Code, Zander always wears his dark brown Jedi Knight robes, ones which are slightly different in design from the common Jedi attire. The outer material is strong and durable, held in place over a thick layer of black fabric. The robes offer the wearer the basic freedom of movement that the life of a Jedi demands, although their heavy fabrics can often make them seem heavy and burdensome to those not accustomed to wearing them. As a result of his role in countless battles, Zander's robes are now slightly faded, battered and worn; despite this, Zander wears them proudly, seeing the tares more as a sign of his accomplishments than anything else. UPDATE: POST-ZANDER'S FALL Since Zander's flight from the Stargazer, the young man has adopted a few changes in his appearance. Whilst he still retains all of handsome features, the young man's eyes have lost their warmth and light: looking into them is to look into a deep, chilling darkness. He rarely smiles now, and instead wears an eternal, serious expression. With his defection from the Jedi Order, Zander refrains from wearing his Jedi Knight robes (though he keeps them as a memoir from his former life), and instead garbs himself in the black, specially designed robes of a Sith Lord. This, like his former robes, is constructed out of two separate layers of fabric, beneath which Zander wears the armour underlay that was taken from his Jedi Robes. More often than not, Zander wears his old Jedi cloak over his new clothing, and options to wear his hood up when he's planetside, to ensure that his expression is hidden from view by the shadows that linger over his face. UPDATE: POST ZANDER'S REDEMPTION With the defeat of Primeous and Zander's return to Coruscant, the Jedi Knight has once again taken it upon himself to wear the garb befitting his status as a Jedi Knight. These new robes, however, are more unique in design than those normally worn by people of his station: the designs look like an odd cross between the robes of a Sith Apprentice and Jedi Battlemaster. His peers theorise that Zander purposefully chose this new apparel to serve as a constant reminder of his past failure. Though he has returned from the darkside's influence, its toll on his physical appearance is still evident: though he is still a potently handsome figure with silky, shoulder-length blonde hair, his eyes have lost the strength that was once held within them. He rarely smiles, though to his credit he does try hard to counter this -- his efforts, however, achieve little, as the warmth he once possessed seems to have faded, suffocated by the grief that he harbours for his actions on Skrie. His skin has paled slightly, making some question the stability of his health; he has also lost a lot of weight, stripping him of the few layers of fat he had, and leaving him with little more than muscle and bone. Upon his return to Coruscant from Skrie, Zander made a point of returning to Kolanda's personal quarters to overcome her passing. From inside of her quarters he found a small necklace that she had had made for him; he now wears this piece all of the time, never taking it off, not even when he bathes or sleeps. ---------------------- Thanks, in advance, to anyone who takes this challenge upon themselves. :)