wild west protocol droid smuggler, AC-1D, the bastard of Balmorra

A red c3p0 looking droid. Wears brown flight suit and cowboy leathers and a very wide brim hat. He is missing his left arm and wears a old dirty poncho to cover that side. He normal wears a large brown bandanna to hide face from nose area down to poncho but i would like to have it down so his face can be seen. The left side of his face has been melted so that it looks much like a red skull. Only a single strip of metal connects his upper and lower jaw. He wears a old wild west looking gun belt, but instead of a gun holster on his right leg he wears two clips that holds onto a sawed off bowcaster. His name is AC-1D, the bastard of Balmorra. He takes any job that pays to survive out in the outer rim way from the authoritys thumb and hates the rebel alliance who blew up the factory he and his companion droid worked in. He survived maimed but his companion died. He wears his damage as a reminder of his hate, and as a badge of freedom from mans tyranny. He aims to misbehave.