The Uncle Sam of the Republic

Everybody Needs a Hero


The Scenario: During times of war, countries use propoganda in order to control the population and rally support for the fight. During the clone wars, this was no different. The Republic, in order to recruit new younglings and troops, created a figure that people could rally behind, Fleet Captain Freedom. He was put on cereal boxes, comic books, and more! Posters with him littered alleyways and billboards. In the public's eye, he was the embodiedment of the Republic, and thats exactly what tthe republic wanted. Fleet Captain Freedom is actually an actor, equipt with the highest battlefield technology. His job is to go to fleet to fleet to spread hope throughout the troops. The republic also makes fake fights for him in order to keep up appearences by rigging driods to blow and having him fire blanks. One day, however, when visiting a clone fleet in Geonosis, the camp was overrun by driods. The troops looked up to Fleet Captian Freedom for safety, but were shocked when he ran away. His body and suit were found a few miles away. He had died from a panic attack. The Republic made sure this never got out to the public. They swiftly put another man behind the suit and continued to sway the public. In the end, the person didn't matter, so much as the image.



-He is a little taller than normal at around 6,2,,

-He wears an upgraded version of a Kataran-Calass commando armor detailed with stripes of Rebublic Red. He is unique because of his patriotic decals

-He uses a large minigun-like gun (one of a kind) that only fires harmless lights to show the illusion of firing a gun. (see gattling laser from fallout 3 for inspiration)

-He has a very bold and defiant stance like any good piece of propaganda should and looks almost fake

-He has no scratches on him as he has never been in battle

-Lastly, have fun