Tetsuoh Dai and the Hard Back

SO, I have finally had the chance to do it and am playing my internet name sake.

AND I'm hoping some extremely generous (or perhaps somewhat bored?) artist/s would be willing to accept my humble request of drawing him and possibly his ship?

Let me fill you in on the details.

Name: Tetsuoh Dai
Race: Rattataki Male
Occupation: Bounty Hunter and all around scum of the universe.

Tet is easy enough - hes a heavy armor wearing bounty hunter - if you play swtor or galaxies (as a human) you may even have met me/him once before.

Hes a bald male rattataki of rather large and trim build. He has the typical head tattoos of rattataki - an ascending stair of "nike" vectors along both sides of his head.

His only other defining characteristics are his lack of manners and his generally bland expressions save for anger and disgust.

He has three loves:
His ship - the Hard Back - a Ghtroc 720 reinforced with double the hull plating and a double barreled tri-laser battery.
His armor - a heavily reinforced and modified suit of generic corellian hunter armor that's put together really well (hes an armor smith *shrugs*)
And a good fight.

His armor and ship are both painted shades of blue and grey.

The scene and everything - I leave up to you.
He readily adventures with a zabrak jedi who looks eerily like darth maul but wears light robes, a cyber armed ex imperial technician, and an r4 droid. And his standard expression of disgust is to rub his nose, is any of that helps.

As always to any who take up this task - you have no idea how happy you'd make me.
And you all have deepest gratitude for taking the time to read my request.