Rorworraka - Wookie Mercenary/Bounty Hunter

Rorworraka is a massive titan of a wookie, raised on combat training and strenuous work outs to perfect his physique to excel at hunting down and taking down high profile targets. Imposing even by wookie standards, Ror has sleek black fur with tinges of dark brown. He started his carrier during the Rise of the Empire, working on Nar Shadaa for various Hutt family cartels. His skills were never questioned as an enforcer and leg-breaker for hire, due to hos massive size and intimidating nature.

Over the years, his skills at tracking, subduing, and information gathering became more and more noticeable and he began to feel under used and unappreciated. This led him to take up bounty hunting as a carrier of choice and in this, he excelled. As he furthered his hunts, he's grown more and more known for getting the job done, no matter how dangerous. He takes only Wanted: Dead or Alive, orders, and almost always brings in his targets dead.

Appearance: Rorworraka wears a Mandalorian armored vest over his hulking physique and carries various blasters on his person, a total of 6 matching pairs, in holsters at his shoulders, ribs, waist and hips. His two favorites are a pair of massive bore slugthrower revolvers named Wrath and Ruin. Looks wise, he is grizzled, covered in scars, and "loaded forwar" at all times. Size would be best compared to The Hulk in bulkiness and musculature.