Personal Avatar - Esteban Tarncrest, Armchair Historian

This request is straight forward for a personal avatar along the lines of Asok and Drig.  I have always pictured myself as the Jedi type character with my Crumb Tarncrest picture request.  I thought about it and figured out the type of character I would be in the Star Wars Universe for real.  I am the Armchair Historian named Esteban Tarncrest.  I like keeping him in the same family only in the Rebellion/ New Republic era.  He was a Professor of History at one of Coruscant's universities and spoke out one to many times about the Galactic Empire.  Fortunately for Esteban the Rebel Alliance was able to get him off planet before the Empire made him disappear.

His appearance is based on me so if anyone takes this request just message me and I'll send you some photos of me that I have taken in regards to this request.

Here are the stats:

Name: Esteban Tarncrest

Species: Human

Occupation: former Professor of History, Captain in the Rebel Alliance

Quote: "This reminds me of the Batlle of Christophsis".

Height: 1.82m

Weight: 120kg (behind the desk to much but the Alliance will whip him into shape)

Hair: Brown with streaks of grey

Eyes: Blue


Equipment: Comlink, standard blaster pistol, presentation pointer (optional)


Thanks for reading this request from your humble servant,

-Lord Crumb